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Has the Mona Lisa Been Replaced With a Fake?

la pinkamena pinkie pie mona lisa 22pc

Debate rages in the art world today after the curator of the Louvre arrived at work this morning and noticed some subtle but significant changes in the museum’s most prized possession. Monsieur Pierre-Jacques Inclement told our reporter… “It has been less than 24 hours since I last beheld the work in question and I am …

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Kevin Smith Sinks World’s Largest Cruise Ship

Famine resistant Hollywood director Kevin Smith — who you may recall was not so long ago ejected, rather slowly of course, from a Southwest Airlines flight — has now brought about the demise of “Allure of the Seas,” the world’s largest cruise ship. Last night at 6.17 pm the ship listed to starboard and capsized …

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“Give me the dough or I’ll clear your toilets!”

toilet plunger bank robber

New York doofus Lawrence Deptola (that’s him in the photo, trying to look dangerous) decided to pull off a couple of bank heists, but unlike everyone else in the US he didn’t own a gun, so he used a toilet plunger instead. That’s right, Loony Larry walked into three separate banks screaming obscenities and threatening …

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