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Why Cats Fear Vacuum Cleaners

We have all been amused by photos and videos of household cats being freaked out by vacuum cleaners, or at least I have. You know the ones I mean – the kind of thing in which someone decides the place is getting a bit too messy so they pull out the old Hoover and run …

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Ask Ambrose – Pet Trouble a’Plenty

sneaky sam hiding

Man Has Cat Problem   Dear Ambrose, My cat Sneaky Sam likes to hide, and he likes to hide a lot. In fact, he hides so often and is so good at it that most people don’t even believe I have a cat and think I am just being a jerk or, worse yet, trying …

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Attila The Hamster – A Brief History

atilla the hamster painting final

Attila Nuthoarder, better known to friend and historian alike as Attila the Hamster, was the king of the Hamster Empire from around 434 to 453 AD, or somewhere approximately around that time. Though largely forgotten nowadays, the Hamster Empire was a large and impressive one that at its peak stretched from the Ural River (in …

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