Bo Goes Crazy

First Lady Michelle Obama has disclosed that the First Family’s pet dog Bo is suffering from an as yet undiagnosed psychiatric problem.

Mrs Obama told our correspondent, “He’s crazy! He chases cats that aren’t there and the other day he was raving about how the CIA are using spy satellites to track his movements! The children are afraid that he will soon start wearing a tin foil hat!

Since the problem became apparent a few weeks ago the children have also been leaving most of the doggie duties to mum, afraid to spend too much time alone with their increasingly disturbed pooch. “He’s definitely not getting any better,” says the First Lady. “The meds aren’t helping, and that Scientology course Tom Cruise sent him did more harm than good – now he’s set up a shrine to L. Ron Hubbard in his kennel!”

Mrs Obama also made an emotional appeal to the nation’s greatest authority on psychological woes. “Dr Phil, please, please help my dog! He’s going off the rails and if something isn’t done soon I’m afraid he’ll shave his head or release a sex tape!”

Dr Phil was unavailable for comment.