Ask Ambrose

Dear Ambrose

I smell worse after a shower than before.  What could be causing this?


Stinky in Buffalo Springs


Dear Stinky in Buffalo Springs

I am unable to help as you do not state what it is that you are showering with. If your  location is anything to go by you may be showering in something not meant to be used in such a way. Also, if you have recently had a lice problem you may be showering in kerosene, which would certainly explain the smell.

More realistic explanations include the possibility that it is not so much you as your bathroom that stinks. This is a problem easily solved by flushing the toilet more often and/or placing used toilet paper in the toilet bowl rather than the wastebasket. The other thing that comes to mind is that there is something wrong with your nose. I don’t mean to imply anything, but perhaps it has become overly sensitive due to excessive cocaine use.

Hoping I have been of some help,