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Hot Chick Of The Week — Elizabeth Harnois

This week’s pocket-sized portion of cheesecake is a little blonde something with the unlikely handle of Elizabeth Harnois — who the hell names their kid Elizabeth these days? Harnois mostly bounces around the small screen, but she also pops up in the occasional cinematic offering like the dark comedy “Pretty Persuasion” and the horror flick …

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Hot Chick of the Week – Sandy Cheeks

This week’s salty slab of feminine goodness is Spongebob’s furry little friend Sandy Cheeks. Bikini Bottom’s most prominent mammal and underwear model, Ms Cheeks is a scientific sort who relocated to the undersea town in order to carry out unlikely experiments which apparently can’t be carried out on dry land…   Here we see a …

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Hot Chick of the Week – Kristen Bell

The luscious Bell is best known for her role in Heroes, and the short lived but critically lauded Veronica Mars, which I believe was about the woman who gave her name to the famous candy bar. You may also have seen her in ” Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” a comedy starring Jason Segel and his penis, …

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