Dragon Meets Deer Type Thingie and Nobody Gets Eaten

Not exactly goofy or random, but I had to post this. “The Butterfly Dragon” is an animated short about a little anthropomorphic deer-like creature that has an encounter with a Butterfly Dragon who gives him a mask that gives him the power to turn into a second Butterfly Dragon, or something. Really, I have no idea what is going on here, but the entire thing is quite lovely. The images, the pace, the dreamlike movements of the creatures, the music, all excellently well done. The animals are just cute enough to match the tone of the short and, despite my fondness for bright colors, I find that the monochrome palette actually adds to the gentle mood of the piece. As for what it all means, this is what the short’s creator, Sushan Yue, had to say…

“As for the story: the butterfly dragon, a symbol of imagination, enables the little deer creature to express his creativity by teaching him how to paint. The mask, representing the deer’s imagination, is blessed by the dragon and transforms him into a creature similar to the butterfly dragon. Essentially it’s about unlocking the ‘god’ inside us all. :)”

Strangely enough, now I understand it even less. But I don’t have to understand it to enjoy it…

Her Deviantart page is here

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