Tai Shan’s not so excellent adventure.

Mr Tai Shan of  Washington DC has a tale to tell that is the kind of thing one usually sees in Science Fiction shows!

“It was weird, dude. I was driving home from work when i suddenly saw a cluster of lights hanging in the sky. At first i thought it was just due to all the fermented bamboo juice i had drunk before getting into the car, but suddenly there was a terrible, high pitched sound and a flash of light and the next thing i knew i passed out.

When i woke up i was feeling all groggy and in a brightly lit room full of weird pink creatures. They kind of looked like pandas except they stood upright and had no fur, like bald chimps or something. And the next thing i knew the sick bastards had some kind of tube up my butt, and they were looking at the inside of my butt with some kind of camera! The last thing is saw was the Burgers i had for lunch and then i passed out from the drugs they’d given me.

Next thing i knew i was waking up in my car with nothing to remember the experience by except a sore butt and some rather disgusting photos of my colon. The worst thing was that  the following day at work none of my buds believed me, they think it was just the fermented bamboo juice. But I  have the colon pics to prove it so i showed them the pics and they  just threw up and spent the rest of the day avoiding me!”