Famous Anti-Semite returns to acting.

Mel Gibson has a new crime drama coming out late in the year and the folks at Empire have an exclusive pic of Mel and the latest victim of his drunk driving. Seems in the movie Mel plays a homicide cop whose daughter is murdered. After flying into a rage and screaming “It’s the Jews, its always the damned Jews!”, Mel sets out to find the killers. After wasting the whole first act harassing the Anti Defamation League he realizes it’s all part of something much darker than the Worldwide Zionist Conspiracy and goes after the real bad guys.

Sounds interesting, and let’s face it, he was drunk and it’s not like he called for a new Holocaust or anything, so i personally think the man deserves a chance.

Friends have recently revealed that the star’s problems first started several years ago when he became deeply frustrated at not being able to work out whether he is an American or an Australian.

More at Empire, the 2oth Anniversary edition of which rather ironically has an introduction by well-known Non-Gentile Steven Spielberg.