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Ask Ambrose – Pet Trouble a’Plenty

sneaky sam hiding

Man Has Cat Problem   Dear Ambrose, My cat Sneaky Sam likes to hide, and he likes to hide a lot. In fact, he hides so often and is so good at it that most people don’t even believe I have a cat and think I am just being a jerk or, worse yet, trying …

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Ask Ambrose – “My Human is Driving Me Nuts!”

cat guarding toilet

Cat Has Privacy Problem Dear Ambrose,   I am a cat whose bed is in his humans’ bathroom. What this means is that my humans feel free to come in at any time of the day or night and take a dump in the middle of my bedroom! I have tried meowing loudly and hissing …

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Ask Ambrose – “Help! My cat’s a bastard!”

cat uses my toothbrush

Cat Has Bad Hygiene Habits Dear Ambrose, I was horrified the other day to find out that my cat has been using my toothbrush to clean his own teeth. My girlfriend tells me that she has known about this for weeks but that she has been afraid to speak up because if I tell the …

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