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The Many Woes of Timmy Martin

timmy and lassie

Have you ever looked at one of your friends through a goldfish bowl? No, of course you haven’t! What kind of idiot would do such a bizarre thing?!?!? But this isn’t about you, or your goldfish, or your friends! No, this is about an old TV show called “Lassie” and an old TV kid called …

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Glenn Danzig Mistaken For Garden Gnome

mr danzig in his less gnomish days

It has been revealed today that punk and heavy metal icon Glenn Danzig was last week mistaken for a garden gnome while standing out on the curb in front of his home in New Jersey. Mr. Danzig, who is best known for his 1993 hit “Mamma,” ( an ode to his mother, who had recently …

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Three Poems

Once in while I decide that some of my thoughts are so delicately abstruse, so vaguely confounding, so esoteric, that the only possible way to express them is through poetry. It is at these times that I sit down and pen my most insightful and eloquent missives to the world. Here now, for your edification, …

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