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The Thing in the Pond

The Thing in the Pond (A Chronicle of My Expedition Into The Old Curwen Mansion. )                         Part One Wherein Ambrose is Called Upon To Solve a Problem Most Dire There was thunder in the air on the night I went to the old Curwen mansion to find the Thing in the Pond. Large and …

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Zombies Go Home

What the hell is it with zombies these days? When did it become fashionable to be an oozing, moldering pile of dead flesh? I’m sick of these things. They are everywhere, doing all sorts of obnoxious things like cutting me off in traffic, cutting in on the dance floor, trying to bite my ass off, …

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How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

We all know from things like The Walking Dead that the world being taken over by zombies is just a matter of time, but what precisely can you do to ensure that you and your loved ones will make it through such an event? Having spent much time researching the subject of zombies and their …

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