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The Best of Harley Quinn Cosplay

Looney psychiatrist (is there another kind?) and the Joker’s on-again off-again paramour, Harley Quinn is probably my favorite comic or cartoon character, ever. The classic Harley, of course, none of this slutty, kid-killing New 52 rubbish around here… Harley’s unique combination of cuteness, humor and psychopathic violence makes her one of the most interesting, charming, …

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Hot Chick Of The Week – Deborah Ann Woll

For all its many fine qualities, HBO’s vampire drama-southern gothic-porn movie hybrid True Blood has a problem – it’s full of pretty men, but women, not so much. The one striking and welcome exception to this distressing situation is a certain red-headed, creamy-skinned concoction by the name of Deborah Ann Woll. Before landing the role …

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Hot Chick of the Week – Melissa George

This week’s featured female is some crumpet from Down Under — an antipodean hottie, a koala-smooching, kangaroo-riding descendant of England’s criminal class. In other words an Australian. Probably best known for 30 Days Of Night, a horror movie in which a small town is decimated by hordes of accountants, George has also played a walking …

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