About Ambrose

Ambrose Mugwump ( Ambrose to his friends, and Vinnie The Fish to his enemies) graduated Magna Cum Lauda from Harvard Community College and immediately went into a long expected decline that saw him at the tender age of 23 become the first male president of the Nantucket Ladies Auxiliary.

By the age of 30 Mr Mugwump had attained the following achievements.

– Professor of Sumerian Sophistry at the College of Our Lady of the Worthless Miracle

– Curate of rare eggs at the Boston Institute for the Social Advancement of Rare Eggs.

– Editor at Large of “Editor At Large Magazine”

– Professor Emeritus of the Arthur Gordon Pym Society for the Perpetually Bewildered

– President of the Edgar Allan Poe Society for the Promotion Of Alcoholism

Having reached the heights of Academia and found them wanting, Mr Mugwump decided to retire and dedicate his life to his three great loves – cartooning, the writing of humorous prose, and scaring passersby by jumping out from behind a hedge and shouting “I am the walrus!”

What Others Are Saying About Ambrose Mugwump

“At last! The Messiah comedy has been waiting for!”

His Holiness,Benedict XXVIth, Well Known Pope and
Winner “Funniest German” 2005

“Funnier than a night in Baghdad.”

Moqtada al Sadra

“The only thing that makes me laugh harder than Ambrose Mugwump is a bottle of Smirnoff.”

Boris Yeltsin – noted raconteur and dancer

“A Jewish comedian trapped in the body of a lapsed Catholic.”

Mel Gibson – actor, director, and the inspiration for Daffy Duck

“I always knew he would turn out to be either a great comedian or a serial killer.”

My Mother


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