Unusually Small Hippo Wows World!

Here’s some video of a young chap called Oliver. Oliver is an adorable little Swede residing at the Parken Zoo in Sweden, where he was born about a month ago.

Though the young Pygmy Hippopotamus is doing well nowadays, things were apparently touch and go for a while, what with his mother not too keen on feeding him.

This led the zoo staff to take the unusual step of milking mamma hippo in order to bottle feed the little newcomer – try putting that under “Occupation” on your passport!

Embarrassment wasn’t the only risk involved for the staff though, as hippos are notoriously aggressive animals, hence the old Swahili saying “Hippos are notoriously aggressive animals.”

Anyway, everything turned out okay and the little guy is cute as a button, and there are more pictures of the little charmer here.

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