A Course In Miracles, Down Under!

Take heart folks, the US isn’t the only country in the world with more than its fair share of bible-bashing, rapture-awaiting idiots. An Australian religious outfit is offering courses in how to cure popular ailments like cancer through prayer, nice thoughts and wishful thinking!

The Westlife Church in the state of Queensland – which I am told is the Australian equivalent of  the Appalachians – has recently set up a six month course aimed at teaching the gullible (especially, I suspect,  the ones with fat wallets) how to get all sorts of interesting crap to happen simply by asking the man upstairs. The “School of the Supernatural” promises to turn its students into fundamentalist Harry Potters who can not only cure cancer and heal broken bones, but also raise the dead  with naught but the wave of a self righteous hand!

The church’s manager, an escaped mental patient by the name of Yvonne Baker, claims that many miracles have already been performed at the church. The most impressive of these being her own ability to create a magical and inexplicable light simply by pressing a small button set into the wall!