Pobody’s Nerfect

Presented now for your amusement is Jessie J’s new video – you remember Jessie J, she did that song about doing it like a dude. But this is a family friendly site so we won’t be going into that…

In this new opus, Ms J seems to be having some sort of crisis of conscience over her past bad behavior, possibly involving sexual guilt over the theme of her earlier song, or maybe it’s that fur coat she’s wearing at the beginning.

As the video starts Jesse seems to be hosting a family gathering which bears a more than passing resemblance to a cast party for an Ed Wood movie. She then runs out on the festivities in order to take a dip in what appears to be motor oil, only to be harangued by dozens of bodiless mouths!

Even though we never really find out what has the poor girl feeling so contrite, our repentant heroine’s lyrics do make mention of not treating her loved ones the way they deserve to be treated, but as Jessie’s folks seem to be escapees from Arkham Asylum one must assume that Jess isn’t totally to blame for the familial discord.