What’s wrong with this picture?


See, this is why your mom always told you not to leave the water running…

Every summer in the Austrian town of Tragoess, some careless twit leaves his bathwater running while he answers the phone and as a result an entire park near the town is flooded! Not believing that people could be so stupid, diver and photographer Marc Henauer went to check the situation out for himself. He was so amazed at the results of this act of idiocy that he documented his dive around the park, and park benches, park bridges, park footpaths… I’m surprised he didn’t find a submerged old lady feeding a bunch of submerged old pigeons …

When questioned, Fritz Kellenlager, the local man suspected of causing the annual environmental disaster, claimed it had nothing to do with him and that it was God who was to blame. According to Kellenlager, it is this latter individual who supposedly causes the summer thaw which leads to an 11 meter rise in Green Lake, the body of water at the center of the park. A likely story, given that everyone knows that Austria is a notoriously arid country where snow, and hence thaws, are extremely rare.

Despite our best efforts, we were unable to obtain God’s side of the story.

Video below the pics

First video has the best footage, but horrible, horrible music. The second video has much less annoying a soundtrack, but the footage isn’t quite as good. I suggest watching the first with the sound down, but if silence un-nerves you, you might want to go with the second one.