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Ask Ambrose – “Help! My cat’s a bastard!”

Cat Has Bad Hygiene Habits Dear Ambrose, I was horrified the other day to find out that my cat has been using my toothbrush to clean his own teeth. My girlfriend tells me that she has known about this for weeks but that she has been afraid to speak up because if I tell the …

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How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

We all know from things like The Walking Dead that the world being taken over by zombies is just a matter of time, but what precisely can you do to ensure that you and your loved ones will make it through such an event? Having spent much time researching the subject of zombies and their …

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Ask Ambrose – Pet Trouble Abounds

Unusual Ceiling Guests Dear Ambrose,   I have cats in my ceiling.   Dude With Cats In Ceiling, Codswallop, Nebraska Dear Dude With Cats In Ceiling,   Given that you have failed to elaborate, I can not tell whether you are complaining or bragging about your situation. As it is, from the photo all I …

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