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Another Child Star Goes Bad

Police are today searching for former TV and movie actor Casper the Friendly Ghost after the once-popular child star was filmed attempting to rob a liquor store in Alabama. In the video, the otherworldly miscreant can be seen running frantically around and attempting to pluck various boxes from the store’s back room, but because of …

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The Much Dreaded Chipmunk Of Death

Of the many supernatural threats facing this country, perhaps the most insidious is The Much Dreaded Chipmunk of Death. This fluffy bastard, first described by puritan churchman Bloat Remington in his treatise “Satanic Fauna of the New World,” will go to great lengths to eliminate anyone who commits an offense against his fellow nut-biters. According …

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The Famous Himalayan Levitating Cat

This surprising creature was first spotted back in 1953 during the first successful climb of Everest by Tenzing Norgay, who upon seeing it excitedly shouted out the Tibetan equivalent of “What the f**king f**k is that f**king thing!?!” This led Edmund Hillary to write in his diary that Norgay was not only the most able …

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