Lady Gaga Gets Drunk, Grosses Out Baseball Players

In an effort to prove that when it comes to being trashy she doesn’t just write songs about it but she actually lives it, Lady Gaga has gone on the piss and acted like a slut after a Yankees game.

It seems the inebriated one-woman freak show snuck into the team’s clubhouse wearing what for  anyone else would be considered very little, and proceeded to drunkenly tell the players how wonderful they all were while playing with her tits! Er, I should clarify that last line – it was Gaga who was playing with the aforementioned mammaries, not the athletes. Not surprisingly really, since they can get to play with far prettier tits when the groupies come round, and do so with a smaller likelihood of contracting syphilis.

After the impromptu sex show Gaga threw up all over Alex Rodriguez’ baby daughter and was later seen dancing in the car park while holding a whiskey bottle and singing “I’m just a girl who can’t say no!” Okay, I made up those last two, but you know it won’t be long…

It’s the players that I feel sorry for – after being subjected to such a display by a woman who looks like a midget version of Marilyn Manson I suspect these poor bastards will be having nightmares for months to come.

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