Church For Doggies!

Does your best friend lack purpose? Is his life a sea of emptiness in a bleak and  uncaring universe? Is he beset by existential woes? Not too likely if he’s a dog, but just in case your pooch is a neurotic looking for answers to life’s mysteries, he can now find help at Perfect Paws Pet Ministry in Danvers MA. Danvers was previously known as Salem Village, yes that Salem Village).

Once a month the Rev. Thea Keith-Lucas is holding a mass for well behaved Fidos and their humans, treats are included in the service so I suspect we’ll have more than a few atheistic canines sneaking in come the third Sunday of every month.

The Rev asks that the dogs attending be well mannered, leashed and that they refrain from making their own holy water while on church grounds.

From hanging witches to holding mass for pet dogs – Salem has certainly come a  long way in its acceptance of alternative religions!