Henry Wienerdog loses his job

Yes, it may look cute to you, but not so to Mr Henry Wienerdog of Pittsburgh, who was recently dismissed from his job as a Coca Cola sales rep after he was  seen by thousands of Internet cute-seekers drinking from two containers, one of which is marked Pepsi.

Unfortunately for Mr Wienerdog one  of the people to see this picture on the internet was his boss, who was not at all amused by the sight of his employee appearing to sample the competition’s wares. When Mr Wienerdog turned up for work the following morning he was told his services were no longer required. “I didn’t even touch the other container but nobody believes me!” the soda loving pooch told us. “I just don’t need this crap during a recession, you know?”

Mr Wienerdog has hired lawyer Allan Dershowitz to represent him. Mr Dershowitz claims this is the greatest violation of a dog’s rights since spaying became legal, and that he will pursue the case to the Supreme Court if necessary.