Kim Kardashian Gets Her Ass X Rayed

The reality TV starlet has had her famously bootilicious rear x-rayed in a futile attempt to locate her brain.

Friends and family showed concern over the missing organ last week after Kim drove her car into the family swimming pool while swerving to avoid a tree which was later proven to be an air freshener hanging from her car’s mirror.

This and other less publicized moments of bewilderment led to Kimmy K being taken to a local clinic where first her derriere then the rest of her voluptuousness  were x-rayed, with doctors eventually finding the runaway grey matter hiding in a small corner of her skull. When asked why she didn’t ask for her skull to be the first thing x-rayed, Kim told our correspondent that the idea hadn’t even occurred to her. She then asked him if on her way home he could drive ahead of her to make sure there weren’t any trees left in the middle of the road.