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Another Child Star Goes Bad

Police are today searching for former TV and movie actor Casper the Friendly Ghost after the once-popular child star was filmed attempting to rob a liquor store in Alabama. In the video, the otherworldly miscreant can be seen running frantically around and attempting to pluck various boxes from the store’s back room, but because of …

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“Strewth, can’t a bloke get some bloody service in this place?!?!”

cyrus kangaroo drug store melbourne

Australians like to pretend that their country isn’t crawling with cute marsupial bastards, but don’t you believe them. In Australia you can’t even go for a walk down the street without bumping into a wombat or to the local 7-11without meeting a wallaby, and this news story proves it. Why else would there be a …

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I Guess A Big Angry Bear Isn’t Much Use Against A Pissed Off Martian…

Shock news today, as Russia reveals it does not have the capabilities to fight off hordes of invading aliens. That’s space aliens, not the guy who does your gardening. A Russian defense official has let it slip that the Aerospace Defense Forces, formerly known by the far more descriptive and succinct name of the Space …

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