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The Worldwide Chicken Conspiracy — Revealed At Last!

Forget Bilderberg. Forget the Masons. Forget the Project for the New American Century — the real threat to world freedom these days are the chickens. We should have seen it coming, of course. There are almost five times as many chickens on the face of the planet as there are humans, and God knows how …

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The Best of Harley Quinn Cosplay

Looney psychiatrist (is there another kind?) and the Joker’s on-again off-again paramour, Harley Quinn is probably my favorite comic or cartoon character, ever. The classic Harley, of course, none of this slutty, kid-killing New 52 rubbish around here… Harley’s unique combination of cuteness, humor and psychopathic violence makes her one of the most interesting, charming, …

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What’s wrong with this picture?

  See, this is why your mom always told you not to leave the water running… Every summer in the Austrian town of Tragoess, some careless twit leaves his bathwater running while he answers the phone and as a result an entire park near the town is flooded! Not believing that people could be so …

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