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Gilgamesh And The Echidna

One of the many things at which I dabble but never take a deep interest in is ancient history — you know, all the really old stuff that happened in places like Rome, Sumer, Atlantis and so on. As a result of this wishy-washy, hot and cold, neither here nor there fascination, I have recently …

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Heart of Duckness

For some inexplicable reason, I have always assumed Donald Duck to be not unlike most of what we get from the Walt Disney Company – a sickly sweet offering that, other than its nauseating excess of sucrose, carries neither flavor nor nutrition. But recently I have discovered otherwise. Donald is, in fact, a rather cantankerous …

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The Worldwide Chicken Conspiracy — Revealed At Last!

Forget Bilderberg. Forget the Masons. Forget the Project for the New American Century — the real threat to world freedom these days are the chickens. We should have seen it coming, of course. There are almost five times as many chickens on the face of the planet as there are humans, and God knows how …

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